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Call for Papers – Submission Due July 31,2022

June 21, 2022

Philip Greilich MD

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Given the success of the recent efforts by the Perioperative Multicenter Handoff Collaborative and attendees of the Handoffs Effectiveness Research in the periOperative environment (HERO) design studio, the JCJQPS will be publishing a special issue on perioperative handoff quality and safety.

The goals of this issue are to:

  1. assemble a collection of cutting-edge research on perioperative handoffs that can characterize and define the fundamentals of safety and quality within the science of perioperative handoffs;
  2. build the foundational knowledge and evidence base needed to inform a reliable, macroergonomic approach for the study of handoff risks, adverse events, and patient harm;
  3. offer innovative and multipronged solutions to address limitations with current handoff checklists and protocols.

Topics of interest and instruction to authors are outlined in the recently published “Call for Papers” (https://www.jointcommissionjournal.com/article/S1553-7250(22)00081-2/fulltext). There will approximately 8 articles published in early 2023 in the categories of original article, improvement reports, innovation reports, research letters, tool tutorials, review articles, conference report and commentary. Publication of this special issue is contingent on the receipt and acceptance of a full slate of articles by its Guest Editors (Joanna Abraham, PhD, Michael Rosen, PhD and Philip Greilich MD, MSc). Article submission is open and is in no way limited to members of the MHC and/or attendees to the HERO workshop.   

Papers should be submitted electronically at https://www.editorialmanager.com/jcjqps/default1.aspx on or before July 31, 2022. Accepted papers will be published online within three to four weeks of acceptance.

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