MHC Quality and Patient Safety Session at the 17th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists

October 6, 2021

MHC session at the WCAG hosted by Philip Greilich, MD, MSc and Lee Ann Riesenberg, Professor and Associate Director of Education at the University of Alabama. MHC handoff experts present the latest evidence and recommendations in handover research.

Session presentations (timestamps):

Do Structured Perioperative Handoffs Improve Outcomes: What’s the Evidence? (2:44)
by Andreas Koldehoff

Role of Multi-Modal, Multi-Level Handoff Education for Building Handover Competency and Sustaining Change (13:22)
by Lee Ann Riesenberg, Elle Kaplan, Grace C. Ernstberger, Joshua J. Davis, Emma O’Hagan

Applications of Human Factors/Ergonomics to Handoff Redesign and Implementation (23:05)
by Joseph Keebler

Forming Strategic Partnerships with Vendors to Accelerate Adoption of Electronic Cognitive Aids (35:19)
by Bommy Hong-Mershon

Q&A (45:30)