MHC Working Groups

EDUCATION Working Group
Aditee Ambardekar MD, MSEd / Erin Pukenas MD
One year goal:
Identify key behaviors and required performance elements for effective undergraduate handoff communication training
Active members:
Aditee Ambardekar (UTSW), Zarah Antongiorgi (UCLA), Charley Gartman (UPENN), Patrick Henson (Vandy), Kunal Karamchandani (Penn State), Meghan Michael (UTSW), Huong Nguyen (UTSW), Chris Potestio (Cooper), Erin Pukenas (Cooper), Lee Ann Riesenberg (UAB), Joyce Wahr (UMinn)
TasksPersons responsibleUpdates/Due date
Handoff education resource material (to be posted on MHC website)AA/LARCompleted 2018
Leadership, structure, meeting frequency, admin support and one-year goals of project teamsEPIn progress
UME handover education literature review updatesMMIn progress
UME training surveyCPSurvey Team conference call June 26, 2019
Membership status based on commitment to project teamEPIn progress
Last conference call All membersAugust 14, 2019
Next conference callAll membersTBD
Trent Bryson MD / Bommy Hong Mershon MD
One year goal:
Piloted rollout of new EPIC intraoperative report; Submit one manuscript/APSF Newsletter article summarizing creation acceptability/feasibility of creating EMR-based cognitive aid.
Active members:
Joanna Abraham (WUSTL), Aalok Agarwala (Harvard), Trent Bryson (UTSW), Guy Dear (Duke), Patrick Guffey (U Colo), Felix Lin (EPIC), Adam Marsh (EPIC), Bommy Hong Mershon (Hopkins)
TasksPerson(s) responsibleNext update / Due date
Overview, Information Gathering, Initial Design, Feedback, Development RoadmapEpic/TB/AA/BHM/GDCompleted: 2018
Piloted rollout of new handoff report Design of first iteration of intraoperative handoff report through monthly workgroup meetingsEpic/BHM/TB/AA/GDIn progress
Long Term Improvements as Epic works through development roadmapEpic/BHM/TB/AA/GDIn progress
Last conference callAll membersSeptember 17, 2019
Next conference callAll membersTBD
RESEARCH Working Group
Meghan B. Lane-Fall MD, MSHP, FCCM / Elizabeth Lazzara PhD
One year goal:
Conduct feasibility assessment for executing multi-center conference grant
Identify 1-2 multi-center collaborative efforts
Submit 1-2 articles with co-authors from multiple centers
Active members:
Joanna Abraham (WUSTL), Aalok Agarwala (Harvard), Daniel France (Vandy), Philip E. Greilich (UTSW), Joseph Keebler (ERAU), Meghan B. Lane-Fall (UPENN), Elizabeth Lazzara (ERAU), Isaac Lynch (UTSW), Bommy Hong Mershon (Hopkins), Eleanor Phelps (UTSW), Noa Segall (Duke), Matthew B. Weinger (Vandy), Gina Whitney (U Colo)
TasksPersons responsibleUpdates/Due date
Publish APSF Consensus ConferenceAA/MLF/PG/AB/JCPublished Anesthesia & Analgesia 
Conduct feasibility assessment for multi-center conference grant (AHRQ R13) PG/EHL/MLFCollecting feasibility data
Identify 1-2 near term multi-center manuscriptsBHM/ILEMR story, needs assessment
Consider multi-center survey of current attitudes about handoff processesILIdentify others interested in provider perspectives
Last conference call All membersSeptember 11, 2019
Next conference callAll membersTBD
Philip E. Greilich MD, MSc
One year goal:
Create web presence on APSF site
Establish multi-year planning and funding strategy
Active members:
Aalok Agarwala (Harvard), Arna Banerjee (Vandy), Atilio Barbeito (Duke), Amanda Burden (Cooper), Jeffrey B. Cooper (Harvard), Philip E. Greilich (UTSW), Joseph Keebler (ERAU), Meghan B. Lane-Fall (UPENN), Amanda Lorinc (Vandy)
TasksPersons responsibleNext Steps
APSF proposal to support MHCPG/MLFApproved by BOD 2/20/2019
Stand up website hosted by APSFMLF/PGPhase 1a “Go Live” in July
Transition of admin support to APSF SM/KL/PGIn progress
Identify Communication LeadPGSolicit recommendations; speak with APSF Communications Lead
Develop “matching” funding strategy for “actively” participating institutionsPG/MLFDiscuss at ASA meeting
Last conference callAll membersAugust 1, 2019
Next conference callAll membersTBD